The Kings of the World

The Kings of the World

Director: Laura Mora Ortega
Written by: Maria Camila Arias and Laura Mora Ortega
Release year: 2022
Golden Shell at the 70th San Sebastián International Film Festival
Golden Eye at the 18th Zurich Film Festival
HUG for Best Feature at the 31st Biarritz Film Festival
Runtime: 103 minutes
Language: spanish

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Rá, Culebro, Sere, Winny and Nano are five boys from the streets of Medellín. Five kings without a kingdom. In their hands they have some old deeds from a land inherited by Rá, who decides to embark on a journey with his friends with the promise of finally fulfilling their dream: to have a place in the world where they can be free, where they can be safe, where they can build their own kingdom.