You Are The Problem

You Are The Problem

Director: Álvaro Curiel de Icaza
Written by: Álvaro Curiel de Icaza
Cast: Bárbara Mori, Santiago Barajas, Loreto Peralta, Pisano, Mauro Mauad, Juan Carlos Colombo
Release year: 2021
Release date: dec 17, 2021
Runtime: 111 minutes
Language: Spanish

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Sebastián, an impulsive teenager, is once again expelled from school just as his mother, Luisa, is about to take a big step in her career. Sebastián runs away from home thinking that with his father, whom he has not seen in years, he will find the solution to his problems. But he won’t get very far without Luisa. Both begin a road trip full of laughter, tears and discoveries.